• the Evergreen Divorce Maze Workshop!

    Facing divorce or separation?

    Join us for this informative free 2 hour seminar!

  • Challenges of Divorce

    Evergreen divorce professionals' help with navigating divorce ...

    Evergreen divorce attorney - mediator Lawrence King, JD - image Surviving Divorce Maze

    Evergreen, Colorado divorce professionals, Psychotherapist / Mediator / Parenting Consultant Elaine O' Reilly, MS, LPC and Attorney / Mediator Lawrence King, JD present an informative free seminar on how to survive the divorce maze!

  • What You'll Learn

    In our popular and free educational seminar, we'll educate you on the "big picture" of the legal and financial, and personal and psychological aspects of divorce. You'll learn how to approach divorce and separation in a pro-active, financially responsible and health-promoting manner, with compassion for yourself and support for your family.


    Evergreen divorce woman with attorney

    the Legal & Financial Divorce 

    As with all things legal and financial, it's a bit complicated. We'll get you informed on the basics!


    We'll discuss:

    • Colorado divorce law and how the process works;
    • Adversarial and collaborative alternatives to divorce, including self-representation, using attorneys constructively and the powerful option of mediation;
    • Major legal issues including parenting responsibility and timesharing, child support, spousal maintenance, property division;
    • Costs of litigation and tax effects of divorce; and
    • Legal resources to consider.

     the Personal & Psychological Divorce 

    Making sense of a challenging time ... for you and your children.  We'll bring some insight!


    We'll inform you on:

    • Psychological stages of divorce;
    • Keeping your children healthy; and
    • Assessment, counseling and shared parenting services.


  • Your Hosts

    Meet our experienced and engaging multi-discipline team of Evergreen divorce professionals:

    Evergreen Psychotherapist, Mediator & Parenting Consultant, Elaine O'Reilly, MS, LPC

    Elaine O'Reilly, MS, LPC

    Psychotherapist, Mediator &

    Child Parenting Consultant

    A Colorado licensed psychotherapist, mediator and award-winning educator, Elaine has been providing counseling and divorce services (including custody evaluations and shared parenting consulting) for over thirty years.  Elaine will inform you and answer your questions regarding the personal and psychological challenges of divorce.


    Elaine can be reached at 303.430.9550, or at


    Evergreen Divorce Attorney - Mediator Lawrence F. King, JD

    Lawrence King, JD

    Divorce & Family

    Attorney - Mediator

    A founding member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, former Judge and Colorado attorney, Larry has expertly guided Colorado families through divorce (principally through out-of-court mediated resolutions) for over thirty years. Larry will inform you and answer your questions on the legal and financial aspects of divorce.


    Larry can be reached at 303.650.1750, or at http://www.coloradodivorcemediation.com.

  • When, Where, What!

    Just the facts.  About our next scheduled workshop.


    Our next workshop is Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


    At the historic Stone House at 1524 Belford Court, (Bergen Park) Evergreen. See directions below.

    Your Obligations

    Absolutely none! The presentation is without any charge or obligation.

    We won't ask for personal information, "call on you," or in any way intrude on your privacy.

    We promise.

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  • Directions to the Workshop


    at the Stone House (Bergen Park - Evergreen)

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