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Choices at Divorce - the Science of Mediation's Impact

Our January Surviving the Divorce Maze workshop included several folks including other divorce professionals venturing from afar; through another snowstorm all the way from Colorado Springs! We are gratified by the continued positive interest in our seminar.

We continued to set the stage of an overview of divorce legal issues, but considered in some special detail, the implications of choices made by parents, at the time of their separation and divorce, on their children; these often greatly impact their children's adjustment and development, of course.

We noted the scientific evidence of recent studies makes clear what many divorce professionals have long known:

No choice you make as a separated or divorcing parent can be as influential on your family’s future as whether you choose divorce mediation or litigation.

Nationally recognized divorce researcher, therapist, and family mediator, Robert Emery, Ph.D.has released his striking studies conducted with the highest scientific standards and contrasting the long term experience of couples randomly assigned to mediation rather than litigation of their divorce or custody disputes. In Dr. Robert Emery’s words: “How you negotiate your divorce settlement [including your choice to use divorce mediation or litigation] is going to start you down a path that you will be walking for many, many years.”  For more details, see Larry's website's article on Divorce Mediation Research.

Science of Mediation's Positive and Longterm Benefits at Divorce
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